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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Co-operative marketing

Now all businesses like to have their websites showing on the page one of Google, and many do this by bidding on keywords for Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid adverting, which can produce quick results but is also quite costly, the alternative is to build backlinks to a site, each of which contains the keyword where the site is to appear in search engine results and also must have some content about the keyword link.

Building backlinks for marketing your business can take a lot of time and effort and this is where co-operative marketing comes in. One form of co-operative marketing is to exchange links with another business owner, however this is not recommended as the best links are one way links and you need to ensure that your keyword is in the link text.

What you really want to do is form a co-operative marketing group where you agree to add an advertisement for someone else to the content of your normal marketing your business campaign for a period of time. Now you could charge people a fee for this or else agree that each member of the marketing group will have a turn in providing an advert. Some people are averse to this idea of advertising, but one only has to look at News papers and magazines all of which carry adverts, which actually increase readers experience. In the case of the Internet one has to remember that these links will also be spread across the members social groups in a viral fashion, helping to build thousands of backlinks.

For example this marketing your business tip is from my co-op group:-

Productive work is what will make you money for the long term. Busy work is a waste if time which has no guarantee. Of course in the long term, that so called "busy work" might pay off; yet, in the start of building a business from home it is crucial to use the phone and talk to real people and have actual conversations to build rapport and trust. This is the key to building a successful home based business. .

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