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Marketing Your Business - David Ogdens Training video

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Todays short video is in answer to a question raised on the Warriors forum from a Newbie who is not having any success marketing his business.

My forum post is shown below

I am posting ads to Safelists
I am sending Emails.[/quote]

I think you are concentrating on the wrong areas, safelist do not produce results and email is no longer the marketing tool it used to be.

People are sick and tired of people selling from adverts on TV, Phone calls emails and even text messages, they are big turnoffs. what you need to do us to learn to market not to sell. what are people looking for and what solutions can your product or services provide.

You would be better to spend your time building your own quality backlinks, because quality is the key to success. do not write stupid comments on forums and blogs just to get a backlink from the signature, especially if the subject is not connected to your business.

Build your own blogs and simple one page websites providing quality information backlinking to your own site

Now I have spotted one reason that I think you are not yet making making money, Your website is a cloned site and it does not have any metatags or any way of providing updated content from RSS feeds etc. You will never rank high in results because its like an affiliate site.

I suggest you do some keyword research on "speeding up your computer" etc, buy a domain name that includes your best keyword. Build a simple blog of your own and write daily posts and pass the results to Clickbank.

Do not be satisfied with being part of the herd you need to set your sights on becoming a leader.

I closed the Video with an example of customising a Veretekk sites source code to claim as my own.

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Marketing Your Business

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This 15 minute training video shows you how to customise themes and plugins to make them your own and improve both the look of your wordpress blog and your presence on the Internet search engines.

There are thousands of plugins however you are strongly advised to keep them to a minimum as they all carrying backlinks to other sites and can slow down your website. For instance you do not need plugins for SEO as you can place metatags in your headers.

You can also use text widgets rather than pluggins to add social networking such as Google+

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