Thursday, September 08, 2011

Marketing your Business

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Selling you property can be a very time consuming business if you do not get it right and many people prefer to use an Agent or Realtor to save them the time and effort, however there is always the question arising are they value for money. More people are now turning to the Internet and placing their own adverts on classified sites. Where their adverts may be hidden amongst other categories, now I have been marketing on line for many years and know that placing classified ads online just does not bring results.

You need to to have your property information on a site specialising in properties. When I sold my property in Malaysia, I actually built and promoted a website solely to sell my condominium and it worked my property appeared in top search engine results and was sold in a month. compare that with a friend of mine who's apartment in the same condominium which was been marketed by an estate agent and also by his own online placing of classifieds which took over a year to sell.

Not only did mine sell quicker but I got a higher price and saved some 10% in agents fees. Now building a website just to sell one property is not feasible for most people, so the next best thing is to find a property marketing site site which has clients searching for properties.

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