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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Business Leads

Where do you get your business leads from, now some people buy them which frankly is a big mistake as you do not know the source, many people sell lists but unless you know how people came to be added to the list the chances are that all you will do is waste your money.

The best source of business leads is to develop your own and you can do this is a variety of ways offering free services or products. the quality of the lead will depend on what it is you are actually providing for free, for example offering a free computer will attract a lot of people wanting a computer, however if you are providing a subscription to as series of articles about "marketing your business" you are more likely to attract business entrepreneurs who are seeking information this will require a subscription type box to capture information such as:

A person who signs up for a subscription can then be sent a series of articles over the following days and weeks. You need of course to ensure that subscribers have away to unsubscribe at any time.

Many people build large lists of leads but forget to communicate with them, the older the leads the harder it will be to build up a relationship with them. there is nothing wrong with having a large list but you must keep it active. A dormant list is not good for marketing your business.

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