Monday, July 29, 2013

SAiling In Cyprus

J80 Sailing in Paphos

Yesterday it was time to learn how to use the Gennakar, this optional sail turns this keelboat into a pocket rocket ship, with a bowsprit which is extended some six feet in front of boat allowing a huge sail to be flown for downwind sailing. Great care has to be taken when launching, recovering and gybing as the sail can be easily damage, with wrong handling.

There was quite a big sea running and perhaps a more wind that we would have liked, however we took our time, checking that the various ropes used to control the sail were set up correctly. We turned downwind and hauled one corner of the sail out to the end of the bowsprit before hoisting the head to the top of mast, it went up smoothly sheltered behind the main sail and filled as the jib was rolled and the sheet tighten. The boat accelerating away and we tested a few sailing angles. We had time to put in a test gybe which involved pulling the clew of the sail from one side to the other as the stern of the boat passed through the wind. before doing a spinnaker drop which involved gathering in the foot of the sail and pulling the sail into the cabin as fast as possible, so that we could turn back upwind to return to Paphos.

The outing confirmed that option sail will only be hired put to competent sailors. we also need to make a few adjustment to equipment to improve sail handling.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life in Cyprus

Private Swimming Pool

We planned a swimming trip but did not make an allowance for a local developer who has closed of a coastal track leading to a small craft launching point. We spent some time trying to pick up an alternative path to no avail, however much to our surprise we came upon a smallholding where someone was growing Mangoes so we made a note to return later in the season.

Thwarted from reaching our original destination we returned along the coast towards St George Fishing shelter and had lunch looking over an island before descending to the rocks and exploring a small cut the the rock, which I had remembered from some years ago.

Depending on the height of the tide and state of the seas it is possible to swim through, however on our visit I deemed it too dangerous as the wave surges where touching the roof too frequently. We instead swam in the shallows where a rocky barrier had created a natural swimming pool. Jasmin was also able to sit on the rocks in the shade created by one of the mouths of the cave.

Later in the day when we had returned home, I looked on Google and mapped out another possible route to get to our original destination and will also check with a friend who I know used to be a regular visitor.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sailing In Cyprus

Sailing in Paphos

Most visitors to Paphos at some time or other visit Paphos harbour, to see the Castle or sit at a waterside cafe and watch what is happening on the water.

One of the newest attractions is a fleet of ten identical 26ft J80 Yachts, tied to a jetty in the centre of the harbour. These easy to sail yachts are available for hire with or without a skipper, so this means that anyone can get afloat and learn what it is like to get afloat under sail.

Having been a keen sailor all my life I can appreciate the investment that has been made by SailFirst to set up a fleet in Cyprus. The main idea is to provide corporate groups with some friendly competition and team building events for their staff. Cyprus can offer some ideal sailing conditions with steady winds in the afternoon which makes it an ideal place to try out sailing. The small yachts have a fixed keel and a large cockpit with room for up to seven people. Normally for corporate events the yachts are chartered out at over 350 EUR, however appreciating that holiday makers have limited resources special offers are being made available so families with no sailing experience can get afloat for around 150 EUR, which is a bargain which many people are expected to take up.

SailFirst are also are organising a number of open Regattas during the year the next which is a three day event from 25-27th July. I am looking for a crew to enter a yacht so if you are available at this time and fancy some exercise, which also includes VIP entrance to a Rock and Blues festival being held at the harbour at the end of each days racing with free wine please contact me.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Become a Philanthropist

Do you know what a philanthropist is? It is a person who gives money to people who are poor or homeless, or provides other aid to those in need. Its a selfless act of sharing wealth with another human being.

Why do people give to others - the reasons can be varied but the act of giving actually makes one feels good and can be explained by the results of study 2006 study by a team of researchers at the National Institute of Healer led by neuroscientist Jorge Moll. They gave subjects some money and a list of causes to which they might contribute. They found that the mere thought of giving money to charity activates the primitive part of the brain associated with the pleasures of eating and having sex. Functional MRIs indicated that donating money stimulates the mesolimbic pathway, the reward centre in the brain, which is responsible for ­dopamine-mediated euphoria. Further research discovered a gene in peoples DNA Those who had ­certain variants of a gene called "AVPR1a" gave an average of nearly 50 percent more money than those not displaying that variant

Many business mentors suggest donating 10% of your income to charity and perhaps this is based on the Middle East custom of Tithing, tithing is the practice of giving 10 percent of your annual income to the needy. You donate one out of every ten dollars to the orphans, the widows, the destitute, or the temple high priests. However in these challenging financial times the practice has largely been abandoned. Read more:

The act of helping others can create an improved sense of well-being. Knowing that you sacrificed something such as time, finances or property in order to help others in need can give you a sense of purpose in life or work and inner satisfaction.

I have recently become involved with a group referred to as Philanthropic Vortex who are pledging not only to support a children's charity with donations but also to create a source of income to improve their own lives which in turn will allow then to be able to give to others.

Learn more:

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Last 7 Days to really chnge your Lifr

Fifteen Minutes Which Could Change your Life

If you live in North America you are in the right place at the right time, they say timing is everything to be successful and I believe this to be true.

So what is happening, well its something rare, because a company is launching a range of products which will have a profound effect on your health, these products and the company are not new they have been around for more than 5 years,but they have not been available in North America until a few ago.

Joining a start up company places you in a very strong position to make money and in view of the companies track record there is little to right, but do not take my word for it, I invite you to call this number 218-844-3377 pin 621621# at the top of the hour from Midday - 10 PM East Coast Time and within 15 minutes you will have the salient information to make your decision on a very special offer.

After listening to the call if you have any question please contact me, you can either go to and fill in your contact details or contact me below.

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Life In the Philippines

Sorting Out Finances

Banking in the Philippines is a nightmare area which I have written about before, the problem being that no bank communicates with any other bank, resulting in the need for many businesses and individuals holding accounts in different banks. My task this last week has been to decide which of the accounts I have in the Philippines will be retained.

The banking issues if further confused when information given on websites does not match reality And when you approach staff they have no idea what is going on, for instance. According to the Social Security website payment of contributions can be made online via BANKNET. I logged into the system connected to my PNB bank filled out the forms but kept getting message please try again later after three days I emailed Banknet and they suggested I approach PNB. A woman PNB could not understand why I would want to pay on line when I could just go to the SSS office at the other side of town and pay over the counter. When I explained I was going to be thousand of miles away she still did not understand but told me to go the the SSS office.

The SSS office were a bit more switched on but said they did not think the system was working yet in Dipolog City but might work in Manilla. she however gave me the address of the President who would be able to enlighten me.

My next port of call was to visit the Electricity Supplier Zanaco to arrange payment of future bills. Their opening statement was "its not possible we don't have an online system " This was like a red rag to a bull so I rephrased my question another way and asked them which Bank they use to deposit money into and when they said Metrobank I asked for their account number. I reminded the guy that I was a member of the Co-operative and as such he worked for me to which he replied the magic words you need to see the General Manager so Two hours later I got what I wanted, On a monthly basis they will email me a copy of my bill and I will use my online system to pay into their account confirming the transaction my email. Mission Accomplished.

My the end of the week it seems that the everyone I need to pay has account with Metrobank, so It looks like that will be the account i retain. I also discovered that Payment from Metrobank to SSS also appear to work. I posted a test transaction and will see if that reaches the SSS next week.

I still need to resolve how I can instruct my bank to send money to another country without having to return to the Philippines but as Metrobank is upgrading its system this weekend this just might be possible. My removers have been in touch and are planning to pack my possessions on 23 April so everything is falling into place, but still no word on Visa's

David Ogden
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Monday, April 01, 2013

Free Launch Offer earns money

Pre launchX

This last week my automated Forex system which is still in Pre launch made another gain against the Euro. This system has consistently traded once a month on average and my account has grown from $100 to approaching $2,000 at no cost to me because the initial $100 stake money was provided for free.

Not only do subscribers make money on Forex trading but they can earn commissions and bonuses by introducing other people. My potential sign-up bonus so far moving on on towards $4000 and potential commission over $1,000 per month when the product is released to the general public.

This is a no brainer and I recommend everyone to include and promote this product even if you know nothing about Forex, you just might make a windfall. I do not know of any other way of making money for free.

Someone asked my yesterday about another business if he was guaranteed to make money from it, the only way I know of getting guaranteed income is to get a job. Setting up you own business is a calculated risk and not for everyone, some will suceed but the the majority will fail.

David Ogden

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Better Home Based Business


What a strange world we live in many people are out of work and looking for jobs even seeking to make money online but are they really interested in Work.

I ask this question for two reason, I have watched a program "Fairy Jobmother" where a woman spends a week with along term unemployed family trying to get them back on their feet. They often have huge depts but would rather spend the days watching TV or lazing around the house rather than actively banging on doors.

Recently two people joined my online business and before they signed up i spent some time explaining what I required of them if they wanted to succeed. So they spent some money and did nothing expecting that some think magic would happen. I chased one up when he missed a planned appointment and his excuse was I have been out partying I will start tomorrow one week later he still must be partying if that's his priority he is heading nowhere.

The second guy is out of work, but once again not prepared to take action, does not answers calls or respond to messages. maybe I am different, if someone offered to help me build my business I would accept it with open arms, maybe its something to do with the age difference

I have written before about dragging a horse to water and struggling to make it drink, it actually happened to me many years ago in North East Brazil, we later had to abandon our horses and walk

Maybe I am harsh with my assessment but I know it those the people with fire in their bellies bellies who are successfully and it is better to spend time with people who have the will to succeed rather than those that think it might be nice to have more money

David Ogden
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slow Life in the Philippines

The Waiting Game

Our life is once again on hold thanks to local bureaucracy, Jay passport should have arrived at the weekend so we now have to chase up the couriers and the Passport office as passport should have been available on 14th March. This now will means a slippage on our schedule to move to Cyprus

Just happened to be passing LBC and they say they tried to deliver at weekend and no one home, seems strange because my office overlooks our gate and I waited all day. Any way we now have passport which was issued on 4th Feb, great so it took over a month for it to be released as issue date provided was 14th March. what a way to run a country.

Well with the recent news it might be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. No good financial news coming out of Cyprus as they have stolen money from everyones bank accounts, this might give other countries ideas. Never do trust any foreign bank so only transfer sufficient funds to cover living expenses,

My next task is to chase up the local branch of the NSO to get an amended marriage certificate annotated with the fact that the marriage was annulled. Once again the bureaucrats are taking their time, but we have just over a month to leave the country as my Visa will run out so time is of the essence.

Today I Have the visas applications ready to go to the Cyprus Consul in Manila but do not know what the fees are. Have tried calling but only get a fax machine, now thinking that they have stopped work due to an extended bank holiday to give banks time to work out how they are going to thousands angry customers when they open.

Finally got through and things are now moving again, visa Application will be in Manila tomorrow and hopefully on to Cyprus at the weekend, there is a chance we just might get back on track but with Easter to contend with its going to be tight.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Better Home Based Business

Team work

I can't remember who first coined the phase "Teamwork makes the Dream work" but John Maxwell has written a book with that title.

Billionaire Ed Mercer who has a new goal to create 100 new millionaires is very impressed with the team work being displayed in the 100 millionaires club and told the members of the club recently that he had never seen anything like the group of entrepreneurs who are selflessly working together so that every one has the chance to become millionaire.

It is refreshing for the people involved to know that they have 24/7 support from around the world that can back them up in times of illness and holidays and the like. I know from when I was working full time there was nothing worse than returning from a period of absence to a desk ladened with work, it really takes the off the best vacation.

I regularly use my fellow team members to help build my business, discuss and share what is working what is not working and sharing ideas for the future.

Many people wrongly classify what Ed is doing as just another online business but it's far more than that. The majority of networking opportunities are based on MLM structures where basically many so called sponsors get you in take your money and often you never see or hear from them again. You are advised to direct people usually your friends to a website and magically people will join your business. well I am sorry folks it doesn't work like that. when if ever did you have a so called sponsor put one of his recruits into your business for your benefit?

You need to build a relationship with your prospect, they need to know you are a real person who will help them in time of need. Prospect are genuinely surprised when I call just to say hello and confirm that I am ready to guide them so that they can listen and if they and speak to Ed Mercer in Person.

David Ogden
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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Life In the Philippines

Win Some lose some

Our battle with bureaucrats in the Philippines continues and at the end of last week we successful won a dispute against the local electricity supplier Zanaco which had been going on ever since we moved into our house. Zanaco made a calculation of what our consumption would be based on our electrical plan but did not listen when I told that our consumption would be half of their estimate.

Our house is for sale and our consumption will drop further and we need the deposit reducing. We went through a series of departments and pleaded our case and gradually we began to get movement, finally we met with the decision maker the General Manager and within two minute and a hand shake he agreed to return 70% of our deposit based on our actual usage figures. It did take a further two days for them to release the cash, but we actually received more than we expected as the amount they requires is based on one months usage.

Today I went to the local National Statistic Office NSO to obtain an official annotated marriage document which show Jasmin's previous marriage has been annulled. Image my surprise when I discovered that in order to get this document I needed to supply 5 other official documents. It seems that the actual Decree of annulment signed by the Judge is worthless in the Philippines. If I do not submit these documents the official records will not be updated. I showed them certified copies of all the documents given to me by the court include transcriptions of the proceeding but they replied I still need to obtain the necessary certification. So it seems yet more travelling is required this time including Manila with return trip taking Two days. What a crazy system, but it gets worse.

Before I left I asked how long it would take for them to update Jasmins records from when I submit the necessary documents the reply being 1-3 months. I pity Filipinos and anyone who comes into contact with one. The Government dictate their lives and they have no freedom. Power is held in Manila and the provinces are neglected/

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Better Home based Business

What do you expect from your business

Many people are looking to the Internet to help maintain their lifestyle, especially with the financial Crisis which is effecting many areas of the world/ the Internet is often perceived as the place to make money fast and it can be be but there are many scams that need to be avoided.

Like any business it will take time to get into profit and you need to allow for this. you also need to realise that you will need to put in time effort and money in order to build your business, you may have to do some task that you don't like such as speaking with people.

I personally hate the phone but know that this is the best way to communicate with potential customers and customers are the key to the growth of your business.

Far to many people believe all they have to do is direct people to a website and the money will come in, or else entice someone to join their opportunity and sit back and enjoy the profit, which is why MLM has such a bad reputation. If fact most if not all MLM are administered in such as way that if you do not put in the effort you will not be rewarded and it its not uncommon to discover that people below you are earning more than you because they are putting in more time and effort into their business. I believe that is quite fair.

You must be knowledgeable about your business and the products you sell, would you purchase a car from a car sales who does not drive? You should also use the products that you sell if you do not do this your potential customers will think theres is something wrong.

A number of people will ask you how your business is going and here you need to be truthful, if you have just started out no one expects you to be in profit. everyone knows that times are hard. so long as you have a plan that will put you in profit share it with other potential prospects.

Yesterday a prospect said he did not have enough money to join my business so I asked him if he could afford $50 a month and showed him a way that by retailing what he purchased he could start building capital to invest in his business, it might take more time to reach his goal but he would be making progress along the road to success.

David Ogden
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life In the Philippines

The Waiting Period

I finally managed to contact The Department of Foreign affairs in Manila and found someone to answer the question as to how to get documents authenticated when you live in the provinces. the solution is so simple its a pity it is not posted on the DFA website.

All you need to do is find the nearest DHL branch, take the documents you want authenticating plus the supporting documents for validation, DHL will check them and then send them to Manila, after a few days they will be returned stamped with a red ribbon, Yes we have to drive a few hours to a DHL office, so will let you know how it all goes in a couple of weeks time. there is even an option for them to deliver the documents directly to you home.

We had a final meeting with our lawyer at the weekend, as one document has not been signed correctly, so will need to await a replacement... another 14 days wait.

The President of the Philippines visited Dipolog city to open a new school and revealed plans to upgrade the airport and provide more shopping malls and hotel for tourist. This is the start of a general upgrade to the island of Mindanao which is rich in resources that are starting to attract the interest of investors. This is some good news especially as I have a house for sale ready for occupation.

There is not much more we can do at the moment to expedite our move, our next milestone is receipt of Jays passport so we can apply for Cyprus Visa's

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Working From Home

Focus on your business

Building an online business is not an easy task, you can have the best mentor in the world but unless you follow their advice and concentrate on the business in hand you will struggle. Yes it is hard work but if you expect it to produce money for no effort you could be in for a long wait.

If you are prepared to put in time and money into a project you will create more money. Some people also need to have conventional jobs in order to support their family needs and this can create a dilemma. where do they focus their effort.

A salaried job will produce the same amount of money no matter how much time and effort you put in and is a safe option. Working for yourself is a risk, there is no safety net of money coming in at the end of the month.

A combination of the two is the most common route to start building a home based business, but one need to remember to set aside time for your new venture and treat it as a business not a hobby. If you do not work at it it will wither and die.

So how can you improve the odds of success, well all businesses needs customers or leads they are the lifeblood of business and need to be treated like seed corn and nurtured to produce income. You must set aside at least one hour everyday, that 7 hours a week this is the minimum investment for your future. It's not asking much, you probably spend more time watching soaps and since when did TV make you money.

Some year ago I worked with a group Make Money Not Excuses and that saying is true today. you need to associate with like minded people, people with the same goal who you can turn to for advice and who will help you reach your goal.

David Ogden
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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Mindset of a Millionaire

Mindset of a Millionaire

I have written about goals in the past and as you are developing your business you will probably have a number of goals however you need to ensure that they are all taking you in the direction of you main goal.

Some people get diverted and may even consider a totally new project this will confuse your mind and slow down success. People talk about multitasking, which is great provided that each task leads to your goal. you can only have one main goal.

For example my main goal is to become a millionaire by December 2014, however recently I have needed to spend more time than planned on moving to Cyprus. But Cyprus offers, a better environment and better communications in which to build my business, where people have more money, in spite of European financial problems compared with the Philippines where I live at the moment.

This short term goal will be completed in April and I am already building new contacts on the Island and working in others way to develop my business.

Whatever I do for the next two years is leading me in one direction only towards my main goal and I will only consider things that lead me in that direction - Financial Freedom.

David Ogden
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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Billionaire Ed Mercer Wealth Seminar

Working with a Mentor

People often ask what are the advantages of working with a mentor such as Ed Mercer and the answer is that you can draw on their experience and knowledge to achieve your own goals. A mentor can not only guide you in the right direction but is there for you hen you have self doubt or face challenges.

I used to be and Adventure Racer, facing challenges navigating through jungles with just a map and compass and three teammates for company. I developed a great ability as a pathfinder to find a path that would take us in the direction we wished to travel. Occasionally we could find a guide and we were able to get to our destination quicker, using their knowledge.

Ed Mercer has had an extraordinary life and worked hard to get to the position he is in today. He has many personal achievements and holds a number of world records, his latest record attempt is to create 100 new millionaires. Ed is so committed to the task that he is willing to speak personally to with anyone that is willing to join him on the quest to create serious wealth. It is not often that you will find a Billionaire who is willing to help someone just starting out and mentor and advising them for two years not only how to make money but also to provide advice on how to make the income work for you to create greater wealth.

David Ogden
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Leads For your Bsuiness

Leads are the lifeblood for all business and are generally the result of marketing campaigns. If you start a new MLM business, you are told to start building a list of friends and family and other people you know and to be honest this is where most people fail, because you do not have the knowledge to overcome any questions your friends might have. One way around this is to get someone else to talk to your leads.

Now I am working with Billionaire Ed Mercer and he has made himself available on the phone to to answer any query regarding his 100 Millionaires project, that my leads might have and I do not think you can have better support than that.

When you have run out of people you know its time to move on and develop your own leads perhaps by building your own lead capture pages to peak peoples interest or else purchasing leads. You do need to take care when purchasing leads, to know the exact source and where they came from, as many of these leads are general leads and have been shared with hundreds of people so are often worthless. What you want are unique leads such as you get from your own marketing efforts.

Some companies allow you to share in their own marketing efforts by way of co-ops and these can be a great source of unique lead. Another way of obtaining unique leads for your business is from your existing customers by way of recommendation. These two methods work very well in my epicene and can be used to really grow your business fast.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Challwngs of life in Philippines

Departure Roadblock

Planning our move to Cyprus is becoming more and more stressful, The hold up appears to be with the National Statistic 0ffice (NSO) Our lawyer say Jasmin will get here Annulment document this weekend, apart from one due from the NSO which corrects the official records, this will take another week or so and without this document we cannot get married.

We have also discovered to our horror that getting a copy of our marriage certificate could take many months some people are still waiting after a year. It seems if one lives in Manila there are quicker ways but like everything in the provinces it takes extra time.

Our solution is to travel to Cyprus and get married there, the only drawback is getting a visa for both Jasmin and Jay, We have to prove our relationship and their dependance on me. I have contacted the Registry office in Paphos and provided and we should be able to use our document provided they are stamped by the Department of Foreign affairs in Zamboanga at the same time we need to get Jay passport and an apostile of Jays Birth certificate. this once more relies on the NSO to change and Register Jays surname to that of his mother. We can foresee a problem here.

I personally do not trust the NSO, as part of our preparations to get married here (plan A) I had to get a CENOMAR certificate of no marriage in the Philippines from them. Image my surprise when it return a record saying I was Already married to another Filipino. Luckily I had my old passport and it clearly showed I was in Cyprus at the time! So they amended the record and gave me a clean result.

Timing is getting quite critical as I have learnt that Jasmin and Jays visa document which we will send to Manila have to be sent to Cyprus , before a visa can be issues.

My job at the present is together supporting documentation for their visa, with the aim of posting them the day after my birthday, which was the original day of our planned marriage.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marketing Your Business

SEO and Social Marketing
Marketing your Business

Traditional SEO is beginning to lose its influence as Google adjusts its algorithms and starts to pay more attention to social marketing via Twitter, Facebook and Google +, I think the future is clear, business needs to make better use of social marketing, however using applications such as Facebook is not easy for business, because there is a lot of social chat and I think it will fade away in the future like Myspace, to be replaced by something better.

Business hubs and networks are growing and developing online as a way to present and share business with a wider market and the Internet is also seeing increase use from bricks and mortar business for advertising as traditional adverting in newspapers and magazines is failing to deliver as people now use phones and tablet on a regular basis and create mobile Apps.

Good content will always be rewarded and one way to do this is to blog on a regular basis and build a following making good use of forums and social networks to share and comment on areas that you are involved with. Until the next time

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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Life in Philippines - 2013

A Good start to the year

The new year started with a bang and 30 minutes into the year there was a black out and since then power and Internet connection has been effected by bad weather. We are keeping pour figures crossed that next week we will have all the documents required to start registering our marriage in February.

We still are waiting clarifications of our visa requirements for Cyprus but have drafted out a schedule made at the moment are looking for a packer and forwarder. We do mot have that much to move just personal possessions. we have also started to research in detail what properties we are interested in renting.

We are also ramping up the sale of our Dipolog house and lot and it would be great if we can get a buyer before we move, or else Jasmin's parents will live here with the dogs until such time as it is sold. we also will be putting our car on the market. Finances are going to be tight and we will need to dip into our savings to finance the move, but it seems we are off to a good start.

We still have worries about our respective parents health and Jasmin's mother will need to consult a heart specialist for treatment.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
'Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge