Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Life In the Philippines

Win Some lose some

Our battle with bureaucrats in the Philippines continues and at the end of last week we successful won a dispute against the local electricity supplier Zanaco which had been going on ever since we moved into our house. Zanaco made a calculation of what our consumption would be based on our electrical plan but did not listen when I told that our consumption would be half of their estimate.

Our house is for sale and our consumption will drop further and we need the deposit reducing. We went through a series of departments and pleaded our case and gradually we began to get movement, finally we met with the decision maker the General Manager and within two minute and a hand shake he agreed to return 70% of our deposit based on our actual usage figures. It did take a further two days for them to release the cash, but we actually received more than we expected as the amount they requires is based on one months usage.

Today I went to the local National Statistic Office NSO to obtain an official annotated marriage document which show Jasmin's previous marriage has been annulled. Image my surprise when I discovered that in order to get this document I needed to supply 5 other official documents. It seems that the actual Decree of annulment signed by the Judge is worthless in the Philippines. If I do not submit these documents the official records will not be updated. I showed them certified copies of all the documents given to me by the court include transcriptions of the proceeding but they replied I still need to obtain the necessary certification. So it seems yet more travelling is required this time including Manila with return trip taking Two days. What a crazy system, but it gets worse.

Before I left I asked how long it would take for them to update Jasmins records from when I submit the necessary documents the reply being 1-3 months. I pity Filipinos and anyone who comes into contact with one. The Government dictate their lives and they have no freedom. Power is held in Manila and the provinces are neglected/

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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