Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sailing In Cyprus

Sailing in Paphos

Most visitors to Paphos at some time or other visit Paphos harbour, to see the Castle or sit at a waterside cafe and watch what is happening on the water.

One of the newest attractions is a fleet of ten identical 26ft J80 Yachts, tied to a jetty in the centre of the harbour. These easy to sail yachts are available for hire with or without a skipper, so this means that anyone can get afloat and learn what it is like to get afloat under sail.

Having been a keen sailor all my life I can appreciate the investment that has been made by SailFirst to set up a fleet in Cyprus. The main idea is to provide corporate groups with some friendly competition and team building events for their staff. Cyprus can offer some ideal sailing conditions with steady winds in the afternoon which makes it an ideal place to try out sailing. The small yachts have a fixed keel and a large cockpit with room for up to seven people. Normally for corporate events the yachts are chartered out at over 350 EUR, however appreciating that holiday makers have limited resources special offers are being made available so families with no sailing experience can get afloat for around 150 EUR, which is a bargain which many people are expected to take up.

SailFirst are also are organising a number of open Regattas during the year the next which is a three day event from 25-27th July. I am looking for a crew to enter a yacht so if you are available at this time and fancy some exercise, which also includes VIP entrance to a Rock and Blues festival being held at the harbour at the end of each days racing with free wine please contact me.

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