Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life in Cyprus

Private Swimming Pool

We planned a swimming trip but did not make an allowance for a local developer who has closed of a coastal track leading to a small craft launching point. We spent some time trying to pick up an alternative path to no avail, however much to our surprise we came upon a smallholding where someone was growing Mangoes so we made a note to return later in the season.

Thwarted from reaching our original destination we returned along the coast towards St George Fishing shelter and had lunch looking over an island before descending to the rocks and exploring a small cut the the rock, which I had remembered from some years ago.

Depending on the height of the tide and state of the seas it is possible to swim through, however on our visit I deemed it too dangerous as the wave surges where touching the roof too frequently. We instead swam in the shallows where a rocky barrier had created a natural swimming pool. Jasmin was also able to sit on the rocks in the shade created by one of the mouths of the cave.

Later in the day when we had returned home, I looked on Google and mapped out another possible route to get to our original destination and will also check with a friend who I know used to be a regular visitor.

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