Saturday, January 26, 2013

Leads For your Bsuiness

Leads are the lifeblood for all business and are generally the result of marketing campaigns. If you start a new MLM business, you are told to start building a list of friends and family and other people you know and to be honest this is where most people fail, because you do not have the knowledge to overcome any questions your friends might have. One way around this is to get someone else to talk to your leads.

Now I am working with Billionaire Ed Mercer and he has made himself available on the phone to to answer any query regarding his 100 Millionaires project, that my leads might have and I do not think you can have better support than that.

When you have run out of people you know its time to move on and develop your own leads perhaps by building your own lead capture pages to peak peoples interest or else purchasing leads. You do need to take care when purchasing leads, to know the exact source and where they came from, as many of these leads are general leads and have been shared with hundreds of people so are often worthless. What you want are unique leads such as you get from your own marketing efforts.

Some companies allow you to share in their own marketing efforts by way of co-ops and these can be a great source of unique lead. Another way of obtaining unique leads for your business is from your existing customers by way of recommendation. These two methods work very well in my epicene and can be used to really grow your business fast.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

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