Friday, September 14, 2012

Millionaire Mentoring to Create Serious Wealth

There are a number of millionaires who provide mentoring to business minded people, not only to build their wealth but also to educate them into how to handle money and the attention that wealthy people attract. So how successful is millionaire mentoring and where can you find a millionaire mentor.

Well I have been lucky to have come in contact with Millionaire Ed Mercer via his 100 millionaires challenge, and I find it refreshing that he has so much time to offer towards guiding and influencing people to achieve success. Mentors can inspire you not only to reach your dreams but to pursue goals that far exceed your dreams. Yes you do need to be trainable, disciplined and one hundred percent committed to achieve success.

I had in fact heard about Ed many years ago when he was concerned about environmental issues in Costa Rica, so I did a little research and it appears he has been successful in the past in creating 35 millionaires, although this new challenge is mind blowing his track record speaks for itself and I am sure he will succeed or even surpass his goal:-

"Ed is one of those magnetic figures that brings out the best in those that are looking for guidance," said John Woods, "and so very thankful that God led me down the path where I was able to connect with this talented individual who has taught me so much from an Entrepreneurial standpoint and in particular to being a Leader in this Industry … from Ed I have learned how important it is to help others as their success will eventually be returned to the originator many times over and a daily focus for myself with every great individual I am proud to call a Team Member!"
John Woods

Times are hard for many people not only in Europe and America but around the world and many people have found themselves thrust into poverty, now Ed Mercer does not give monetary handouts but instead provides advice and mentoring to help people pick themselves up and get back to chasing their dreams, People such as Kent Adams:-

"As a custom home builder, my family and I were hit very hard by the banking industry bust and real estate crash. In short, between 2009 and 2011, we lost everything. My business was gone. Our home got foreclosed on. My truck was repossessed as my two youngest sons watched. It was a nightmare. Last spring, I met Ed Mercer at the Summits Wealth Creation Conference in Richmond, and started getting personally mentored by him. Since then, I have been able to start several new business ventures, purchase our dream home for my family, and buy a Mercedes Benz. What a difference a year makes!"

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

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