Saturday, December 01, 2012

Life in Philippines

Life Drifts on

Very little happening in the Philippines this past week, yes they are gearing up for Christmas a major celebration time for them. Traffic is busier in Dipolog city. They have been repainting the pedestrian crossings, not sure why because most motorists ignore them. Maybe one reason is the paint seems to wear off in a matter of days, and there are no warning signs or beacons so they are hard to see.

I learn something new yesterday as there was another 12 hour power outage and that is that the ATM's don't work unless the banks are open, it was a national holiday so banks where shut and it seems they do not have auto start generators. As I was not able to work online we decided to go shopping but that came to an end due to lack of cash. Oh the joys of being in a third world country.

Jasmin is still awaiting for a legal document to be processed, it would seem some documents went missing and we had to obtain a legal document from the post office to confirm it had been posted. We are now in December and if we do not receive some good news this month all out plans for next year are in jeopardy.

I have finally made contact with my Son after a three year gap, something was blogging wither his or my email address, his news was not good as he has been made redundant, and at the same time I have become a grandfather.

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Dipolog city
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