Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Making Money

Money Exchanges

The current financial downturn has resulted in many people having to tighten their belts and seek way of reducing expenditure. One area I have been looking at in the past month is the cost of moving currency from one country to another. Now I used to actively trade Forex in the past so know that financial institutions can make some good profits when buying and selling money.

I have in the past carried out monthly transfers via my bank where they not only charge 20 pounds for a standard transfer but also make money on the exchange rate as well. I carried out some research and found a company called Money Corp based in the UK who not only provide bank transfer free of charge but also have offer one the best rates for PHP which is good as the Philippine peso is growing stronger

Passive Income Opportunity

Have you ever fancied being a director of an Internet company, well now is your chance a new application suite is to be launched in the new year which will be the greatest lead developer on the Internet. I mean focused, legitimate, targeted leads.

This new platform will be huge and responsible for causing other competitors to totally collapse when we launch it including

This new platform will be multi lingual representing at least 20 languages including.

With crowd funding and offering 100 corporate director positions and what this will mean for your success and potential.

The new platform will have the total look and feel of Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do not procrastinate. There are only 100 Director positions available -38 already spoken for.

Register in my Directors Group to attend the meetings and get all the incredible details.

Honestly, if you are serious about business, want the success you know you can achieve, come to this meeting. Once you hear what Mike and I are doing and where we are going to go, you will be dutifully impressed.

Note: This is not about MLM, or an opportunity to join, it is about the new, out of the box, direction that Veretekk is taking. Heck, we are even going to change the name. Want to know why and what???? Come to the meeting. Join the Directors Group.

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