Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Energy - Is Your Business Suffering?

Do lack the energy and drive to build your business, if you are middle aged it maybe that your body is lacking in vitamin B. Vegitarians can  suffer from a lack of vitamin B12 as the natural source is mainly in animal products, such as Liver and Clams. B12 Deficiancy effects the bodies nervous system and results in fatique, tirdness, loss of appetite and weight loss.
Hydrochloric acid helps release vitamin B12  from the protein in food. This must occur before vitamin B12  binds with intrinsic factor and is absorbed in your intestines. Atrophic gastritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach, decreases the secretion of gastric juices, including hydrochloric acid. Less hydrochloric acid decreases the amount of vitamin B12  separated from proteins in foods and can result in poor absorption of vitamin B12   Decreased hydrochloric acid secretion also results in growth of normal bacteria in the small intestines. The bacteria may take up vitamin B12  for their own use, further contributing to a vitamin B12 deficiency

Up to 30 percent of adults aged 50 years and older may have atrophic gastritis, an increased growth of intestinal bacteria, and be unable to normally absorb vitamin B12  in food. They are, however, able to absorb the synthetic vitamin B12  added to fortified foods and dietary supplements. Vitamin supplements and fortified foods may be the best sources of vitamin B12  for adults older than age 50 years and nothing is better than sublingual B12 

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