Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dow Jones Record Fall

Troubled times ahead as Dow Jones records 600 point fall and around the world other financial institutions such as the UK Bradford and Bingley Bank are also failing. The Bradford and Bingley failure was due to the Bank lending money to people who could not afford to pay it back and now the taxpayer is expected to bail them out.

Why is it that so many people try to live beyond their means, it seems we are living in a spend now and do not worry about the future mentality. Governments and tax payers will not be able to pay out indefinitely. It is up to you to plan your own financial future.

You need to develop a number of income streams in order to become wealthy. Working for a wage will never make you wealthy, what you need to do is invest in you future, when you can purchase property, shares and collectable, yes there is a slump in the first two at the moment, but they will rise again. Selling on Ebay is a way some people make money from little used possessions. Starting you own home business is another way to create an income stream.

If you have money to invest now, Tomorrow's home business will show you how a partnership with a successful health and wellness company will be able to provide for your future needs for more information click on Contact Us link below.

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