Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Based Business - Multible Income Steams

Everyone needs multiple income streams to build wealth, but how do you get them to work for you. most Peoples main income stream is their job and the income may or may not vary on the hours they work, however it is constrained by time and cannot on it own produce wealth.

You can create multiple income streams by taking on other jobs but again time is the limiting factor. One way around the time constraint is to get other people to work for you and then time is not a limiting factor.

One of the best multiple income streams is to create residue income, where you buy something once and then get income from it, common forms of residue income are property which you buy and lease out or stock and shares which pay out dividends.

Multiple income streams protect you, if you only have one income source. say from labour and you lose your job you will soon run out of money, but if you have multiple streams you will still be earning money.

If you own a home based business you can use referral marketing to attract other people into your business to increase your multiple income streams and help build wealth. Many home business owners make the mistake of not reinvesting income from their business, back into their business, not realising the benefit of how reinvesting rather than spending will provide wealth in the future. If you are looking for an additional multiple income stream come to our online presentation on Thursday 6PM PST at or contact us below

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