Friday, September 05, 2008

Home Business

When you look at any business what is it that makes you money? You might have the best value product in the world but unless you have customers you will not make money.

Customers are essential to any home business, but virtually all online business opportunities teach you to get distributors not customers by buying leads. A distributor needs to find customers to sell to and service and this can be time consuming.

I have found a home business where the company I am associated does all the advertising for customers and delivers products directly to them, cutting out the distributor. I can buy these customers and the company will pay me a commission every time they order for the rest of their life. In fact I do not need to do any work to earn money in this way.

The company has been in business for tens years selling health and wellness products and just recently I joined forces with a group of marketing experts who have agreed to work together as a Cooperative Team Enterprise using a business model to provide generous rewards by working daily on SEO programs which promote groups home business website .

Notice I have used the word work, you see in order to make money you need to put in time and effort or money. If you want to make more money you either need to pay more money or work harder/longer. Your home business will not grow unless you are prepared to work it. You can have a great business plan for your home business but it is worthless if you do not use and follow it..

When you work as a group the results of your work will always be better than combining the results of each individual effort, because you benefit from the success of other people and sharing excitement will help build your own home business.

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