Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Work At Home Business Scam

Here is a typical work from home business scam, make sure you dont get caught

"Hello Friend,

You ALREADY have 18,442 Pre-Enrollees and 15 Paid

Members in YOUR TEAM...and it is STILL GROWING!

Remember, these people that you see below you in your team are JUST LIKE YOU! They are looking for a powerful and simple way to make money from home without having to spend a lot of time or money to do it. Because you submitted your information FIRST, you have an opportunity to secure all of them in YOUR TEAM...as long as you TAKE ACTION!

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Go Here To Secure $225.00 commission Now:


Then there is a list of 15 paid members

Therefore, you have a "GUARANTEED" 225.00 Commission every month from now on!. Earn $15.00 Per Process!

Each $15.00 x 15 = $225.00 Commission will be yours..."

You are then directed to site owned by Virtual Training Solution's which shows you how you can make money with cash rebates but here is the scam to make money from cash rebates you actually are told to become a clickbank affliate. No one will ever contact you to ask you to process forms.

Regarding you guaranteed monthly income, well that is not mentioned.

Now if you are looking for a realiable work from home business which is not a scam, then take a look at tomorrows home business where you can buy customers and not get caught up in a home basd business scam.

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