Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AARP Question

Here is a typical AARP members question "I retired five years ago, but with the economy and inflation as they are, I need to go back to work. Where do I start?"

You need to think about what you want to do and to be honest restarting a conventional job is not for everyone, after five years your attitude to work will have changed and you will find it hard to come out of retirement mode.

Yes AARP can help you find employment via their site and its partly why AARP was set up. How Long and how much work do you want to do. Some people decide they would like to work from home which saves the cost of travel etc which can eat into your earnings.

As an AARP member you might be interested in starting your own business, but as you say funds are short. If you can afford to put up say $1,000 it is possible to create an reasonable income from it in about 10 years. This will not provide immediate help but is much better that the get rich quick scams that AARP member unwittingly fall for.

As a retired person myself, I actually enjoy watching my money grow month on month especially during these difficult times, I work from home at hours that suit me.

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