Thursday, October 09, 2008

AARP - Stocks Fall

Stock Markets continue to fall around the world despite US and European Bank rate cuts and there is further concerning the US regarding Insurance Companies. According to MSN News - Concern continues to grow about the health of financial companies. A quietly growing issue is the health of insurance companies after the collapse of American International Group (AIG, news, msgs). Shares of MetLife (MET, news, msgs) fell 26.8% to $27 after cutting third-quarter earnings guidance to 83 to 93 cents a share. Analysts had been expecting $1.44 a share. MetLife will also shrink its workforce and sell new common shares to bolster its capital amid rising investment losses. "I think we're as well positioned as anyone in our industry for these times," Steve Kandarian, MetLife's chief investment officer, said on a conference call, "but we are not immune, nor is any other of our peers." So what does this all mean to members of AARP, well they need to look at their options and not panic, cash is relatively safe in the bank but it would be better to get it working for you. Enhancing your future income by working now is a viable option. Many AARP members have set up home business in order to make ends meet.

One successful home business stands head and shoulders above the rest and is of interest to many AARP members because it is base on health and wellness and many AARP members are already taking supplements on a daily basis. TriVita was one of the first companies to direct sell Sublingual B-12 vitamins some ten years ago. B-12 improves ones memory and can certainly improve the lifestyle of AARP members,

Recently a group of entrepreneurs formed Tomorrows Home Business as a kind of partnership with TriVita and set in motion a plan to promote the purchase of TriVita customers. The results have been fantastic with around 8,000 being owned by Tomorrows Home Business Group. Every time a customers purchase from TriVita The members earn commissions. AARP members are advised to to look at this opportunity as a way of improving their lifestyle without risk of losing money.

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