Saturday, October 11, 2008


Stocks continue to fall around the World and AARP members are in for a tough ride and are worried to see how savings are dwindling with interest rate cuts.

Jonathan Scheid, chief investment officer for Bellatore LLC in San Jose, Calif.,is giving this advice to AARP members - Investors who have more money in the bank than the FDIC guarantees should spread their cash around in different institutions to get the full FDIC guarantee. Even so, he says, bank yields are too low for people nearing retirement to store the bulk of their funds in bank accounts.

The stock markets will recover in the long term in the meantime AARP Members should be looking to control their future rather than rely on the Government to resolve the situation on their behalf.

The Health and Wellness industry is one area which will weather the storm(vanity always wins). Some Members of AARP and other retirees from around the world are already seeing good returns from following a model promoted by Tomorrows Home Business group which is leading the way to help people help themselves and provide hope for the future.

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