Sunday, October 12, 2008


AARP member may be interest in a recent survey about baby Boomers in the UK who demonstrate a changing attitude towards inheritance, with surveys suggesting they are more likely to want to use their wealth to enjoy life than to worry about leaving a bequest.

The current world financial situation may lead to AARP members being forced into the same situation as they plunder there savings to save their present lifestyle.

AARP member may also be interested to lean that for their cousins in the UK - Housing has played a big part in boomers' lives. The proportion of owner-occupiers rose from around one in four in 1950 to two-thirds by the mid-1980s. Today, 33 per cent of boomers own their homes outright and 52 per cent have mortgages, while 15 per cent have second homes. Home improvements, shows the research, form a significant part of boomer lifestyles. So does increasing the value of homes, especially in terms of using housing to fund life during retirement.

Now if these figure hold true for AARP members some 67% will still have mortgages and these people are the hardest hit during any recession and in fact it is loans in general and the mis-management of dept in general by bank and finance companies that has started the roller coaster ride towards recession.

Is there a way out for ordinary AARP members? Well as a retired person myself I have started a new ten year plan to build another income stream with Tomorrows Home Business in order to create another income stream to protect my own Lifestyle as relying on Government handouts is not an option.

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