Wednesday, October 29, 2008


UK Pension funds have lost 33% of their value, or £187 Billion during the last 12 months, due to falling stocks and shares.

The bad news illustrates to members of AARP the likely effect on their own 401(K) retirement plans.

Now is certainly not the time to retire unless AARP members are lucky enough to work for a company that provides some kind of final Salary pension as is offered by some companies in the UK.

Yes the DOW rose 900 points yesterday and this might be a sign that the worst is over, however there is a long way to to. Hopefully stock markets around the world will also provide a positive response bouncing back from record 5 year lows in the USA and UK.

AARP members have been following the frightning ups and downs of the stock and might be wary of investing in the future, but what choices are there?

1. Put it under the bed and it will lose value due to inflation

2. Place it on deposit at a low rate of interest

3. Or invest in your business

Smart AARP members are investing in their business because reinvesting income back into a business will grow the business and produce better results.

Now is probable the best time to buy into a business, but only a few AARP members have sufficient funds to purchase a business outright. So what about the rest.

Starting a business from scratch might not appear to be the right option either due to business set up costs, buying stock, marketing etc, however there is another solution.

Tomorrows Home Business, has a proven business plan and model which produces results, because it is partnered with a health and wellness company who take care of all the marketing, selling and delivery of products. Leaving the AAARP member the opportunity to buy its existing customers and earn commissions.

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