Wednesday, November 26, 2008

AARP Finance

AARP Finance - A recent AARP article suggested that prudent investors should have around 6 months worth of living expenses in cash or short term savings in order to cover unforeseen event, which seems a good idea. Depending on your income this could be a sizable amount, so you need to take care that at least two thirds of your assets are earning money for growth.

At the moment AARP members have a difficult choice to make as interest rates are low and many are wary of purchasing stock. so what alternatives are there. Some ARRP members are taking the future into their own hands and building income by starting a home business, this can however prove to be expensive, when one looks at advertising costs and the like and also they need to sell products or services which people can still afford.

One of the major concerns of AARP members is health and this industry continues to grow - Walgreen (NYSE: WAG) reported a 2% increase in same store sales for October in its 7000 plus stores. Walgreen is ranked third of the big three pharmacy chains. During the September/October period, Walgreen stock plummeted more than $10/ share, but has been relatively even-keeled since then, mostly trading in the $22-$25/ share range. Walgreen offers a dividend yield of 1.9% at its current price.

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