Friday, November 14, 2008


AARP Finance - The USA economy is in chaos as more and more workers are being laid off, unemployment will probably rise to 8%. so what does this all mean to AARP members who are seeking way of earning extra money to cover their living costs. >AARP members will find it very difficult to get part time or full time jobs as completion for work will increase. Labour Department data showed that the number of people requiring unemployment benefits for more than a week is also increasing, meaning that it is taking workers longer to find new employment. The figure jumped 65,000 to 3,897,000 for the week that ended Nov. 1. That is a 25-year high.

AARP 401(k) and other retirement funds will take some 5 years to provide get back to the level of return achieved before the crisis began.

AARP news from around the world shows that Germany is now officially in recession and oil is hovering around the $60 per barrel level as global oil demand is expected to fall.

My Advice to AARP members is to take your future in your own hands and join an established work at home business to supplement your own, do not join a newly launched business because that will incur high start up cost.

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