Tuesday, November 18, 2008


AARP Finance - This week has started as last week ended, with more countries officially in recession, this time its Japan the second largest economy. Stock markets continue to slide around the world.

The G8 meeting in Washington agreed that more government spending will be required on a global basis to kick start the economy, but there will be a high price to pay in the future.

Closer to Home Citybank are predicting further job loses of around 50,000 on top of the 23,000 laid off in the last year, as its attempts to get its house in order.

The Gloomy news for AARP members is expected to continue for some time and is not good with winter approaching, which normally results in increased costs. Hopefully fuel costs will not rise again as at the moment production of oil is outreaching demand, but that could all change with a cold winter snap.

If AARP members are facing being laid off they may be able to negotiate with their employer, to reduce their hours by working part time or working from home on a contract basis.

New jobs are harder to come by for older AARP members and they need to perhaps think outside the box and follow up with different ideas for bringing money from another source.

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