Sunday, November 23, 2008


AARP Finance - "There are Americans showing up to work in the morning, only to have cleared out their desks by the afternoon. Retirees are watching their life savings disappear, and students are seeing their college dreams deferred. These Americans need help, and they need it now." President-elect Barack Obama said Saturday offered an outline of his economic recovery plan and jobs were the top priority.

The question on many AARP members is will it be too little too late. details of the plan are nor know but will include rebuilding infrastructure such as roads and bridges and building alternative energy resources for when oil prices rise again.

Like the financial market it will take time for the results to filter into the economy and in the meantime GM will probably go bankrupt at the the end of the year. Supporting British Leyland during the last financial crisis cost the UK taxpayers $900 million and still the company failed. so perhaps the big three in in the USA should be left to their own devices. One has to wait an see how this issue will affect AARP members.

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