Monday, December 01, 2008

AARP Finance

AARP Finance - Black Friday sales showed a higher than predicted levels about a 2.2% increase on previous years, however many retailer had worked hard to attract customers to spend more and perhaps once the bargains run out sales over the holiday period will fall.

In the UK retailers are expecting a slump in pre Christmas sales,

This week could prove important for AARP members, pundits are expecting stocks to fall, however bearing in mind the relatively good Black Friday results, Low price of oil and the fact that the week following Thanksgiving traditionally show gains, if these occur it could be that the optimism will start driving stocks up.

The car giants in the USA are once more going to plead there case for support and it will be interesting to see if any new information comes to light which might support their request for aid.

The UK government have now announced they have a 60% holding in Royal Bank of Scotland group following a failed share offer. The Bank was caught out with many sub prime loan defaults.

Around the country many AARP members are resorting to garage sales in order to raise cash to pay outstanding bills.

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