Wednesday, December 24, 2008

AARP Finance

AARP Finance - As the year draws to a close stocks around the world are falling with day after day of bad news. Banks, Car Manufacturers, Home Owners and many large retail stores face an uncertain future and little is expected to change as the new year dawns.

AARP members are recommended wherever possible to reduce outstanding debts and to start living within their means. The few AARP members who are debt free are the lucky ones and are in the best position to be able to take advantage of market situations. The Majority need however to sit down over the holiday period and examine their finances.

Perhaps house owners with a large mortgage would be better to sell off and rent property instead of servicing a large debt. Use public transport rather than cars.

Spiraling credit was a root cause of the financial problems that beset AARP members. Credit cards are an expensive way of borrowing money, so it is important to pay off more than the minimum every month and if possible stop using a credit card and plan to replace it with a debit card once the balance has been paid off.

AARP members should seek out cards which offer zero percent on balance transfers which will help pay of thier dept earlier and avoid paying high interest rates.

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