Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today the House of Representatives vote on the Economic Recovery Package and members of AARP wave been writing letters to their representatives to support the package, this was a typical letter

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please personalize your message As an AARP member, I urge you to pass the strong, comprehensive economic recovery package that will reach the House floor this week. This legislation would directly address the most immediate and day-to-day needs of the Americans who most need relief.

In particular, I am very pleased that the current legislation includes crucial funding for state health and long-term care programs, improvements in health care - such as health information technology, health care effectiveness research, and nurse and primary care training, affordable health insurance options for those who lost health coverage along with jobs; funding to help those who have lost employment; and needed money for the Social Security Administration.

Because older Americans have been particularly hard hit by the economic crisis, I urge you to support the House legislation to help with our economic recovery. I also urge that any final package also include a direct payment to the over 25 million individuals 65 and older who no longer work and cannot benefit from the worker tax credit, as well as stronger protections for home and community based services.

The gravity of the economic crisis requires urgent action - the House package will help provide much-needed relief to millions across the country.


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Now we have to await and see if the AARP lobby has been successful, if it fails then perhaps AARP Members will have take matters into their own hand and consider starting a home based business to create an additional income stream. Tomorrows Home Business can show you how to build a substantial retire fund in ten years.

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