Saturday, January 31, 2009


AARP Finance

A very gloomy end of the week for AARP member, who might not be effected by the massive job losses at Boeing Chicago, but will certainly be taking notice that the stock markets have had their worst January ever.

The Dow lost 8.8% in the month, putting it on track to close out its worst January since 1978, when it fell 7.4%. The S&P 500 lost 8.6% according to early tallies.

The Nasals's loss of 6.4% was eclipsed by last January's loss of 9.9%. That 2008 loss was the worst in the tech average's history, going back to its inception in 1971.

Last year saw 2.9 Million job losses and this years forecast is for a further 2.0 Million so the next few months will be critical. Japan has announced some 27,000 thousand job losses, in electronics and car industries and in the UK Honda is closing its car plant for four months. Many AARP members are looking a the Internet as a way to earn extra money and groups such as Tomorrows Home Business can show you how to build a substantial fund over a ten year period.

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