Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Veretekk WEB 2.0

Veretekk web 2.0  is going to be one awesome marketing tool come the launch on 1st April. Existing system users are already benefiting from the changes taking place. Already every website in both the gold and silver systems has be updated to include short training videos which explain how the sites can be set up and used to promote your business.

Veretekk trainers can even use the training videos in their own conference rooms and then run live question and answer forums. Viral E-books are being prepared by Veretekk Web 2.0 trainers, to provide a comprehensive library that can be used and shared with friends.

The Veremail system has been fully integrated with the  bully pulpit mass mailing and leads capture. The unsubscribe function is in the process of being updated, so a subscriber  can decide which emails they wish to receive or block. Free silver members can send out weekly mails to their down lines which can be in text and html format and pre checked with spam assassin to check deliverability.

The Veretekk WEB 2.0 system auto responder letters are going to be upgraded to teach people how to use the portals which they have joined.

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