Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Veretekk WEB 2.0

Veretekk Web 2.0 - Launches on 1st of April, but you do not have to wait to appreciate some of the major changes to the back office of Veretekk. The new look will be only be switched over on 1st April, however already existing members are seeing changes to the back office as the various sections are linked together into a cohesive system.

Veretekk has always been a social and business networking system, where members help one another market their own business and at the same time learn about how to enhance their business results using SEO techniques and blogs, mailing and auto responder systems in video conference rooms.

The formal launch of Veretekk WEB 2.0 has led to a review of some parts of the system., Such as how to unsubscribe from various auto responders.

A major change of emphasis is taking place on the marketing portals so that in the Veretekk WEB 2.0 system, the auto responders for each portal will be preloaded with a sequence of messages advising on how the particular portal can be used and this will be backed up by a series of EBooks.

The first of the EBooks has just been released and it contains a lot of useful information Vereconference Ebook Manual feel free to download it.

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