Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reasons People Give up diets and Exercise

Many people in the USA are overweight and some more  so than others. Most people know that being overweight is bad for their health. so what are the main reasons that cause their weight loss plans to fail.

There are so many diets around that there should be something that suits anyone, however the truth is it takes discipline to diet and if counting calories and measuring portions is not your cup of tea you are not going to succeed.

Exercise is a time consuming activity especially if you take into account the time to travel to a gym or health club and the costs can quickly add up. Once again discipline comes into play.

To  successfully lose weight you need to set up an an easy routine both for what you eat and when you will exercise, your diet could become quite boring but you need to ensure that you eat less calories that your body metabolism can burn in a day.

To helps with your weight loss routine it can be useful to  have support of friends or acquaintances, this is why clubs such as weight watchers are successful due to peer pressure

People also look for incentives to help them reach their goal, perhaps the promise of a special holiday or gift from a spouse is a good enough incentive

Look out for more weight Loss tips in my next post

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