Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Veretekk WEB 2.0

Progress is continuing apace to launch the new look Veretekk, and behind the scenes changes taking place this week will see the end of lazy mans auto-responders behind the many Veretekk Portals, instead, there will be informed help or advice on  how to use the particular  portal.

All  users from 1st April will have access to a mass mailing system to contact their down-line including the Free silver members who will be able to mail once a week as opposed to daily capability for other levels.

I did not realise until  today just how easy the Vereconference system is to use compared to systems such as go to meeting. I attended a webinar in a go to meeting room but was unable to see how many people were in the room or comments they made, this makes it difficult to get he best benefit and you end up asking a question that others have already asked. With Vereconference  you can see everyone in the room and what they are saying.

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