Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marketing your business

Top SEO Results Tips
Marketing your Business

I cannot understand why people make SEO seem so complex, with worrying about keyword density, algorithms, page ranking and the like. If you follow the basis rules as laid down at Google webmaster tools you will be off to a great start. It is good to spend a lot of time ensuring that the content of you main site follows the guidelines. Hidden text and small text are no no's.

In order to keep a supply of new updated information coming into you website use an RSS feed from a blog, which also back;inks to information contained within your website.

Backlinks are important but you need to ensure they are correctly tagged with a keyword that will provide more detailed information for someone following the link, be it a search engine spider or a reader.

Make sure you use all the advertising resources you can find to build backlinks with information from forums, classified adds, blogs and other RSS feeds. Good quality information is the key to success, if you cannot find suitable information to add value to your site produce your own.

When preparing new content avoid selling, provide information and benefits with links to other pages for additional information and prices, a soft sell is the way to go.

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