Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marketing your business

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Marketing your Business

List building

I saw a post recently on a forum from someone who had purchased a list and could not work out why he had not got any sales after three weeks. This is a common problem, the facts are that if you purchase a list you will rarely make a profit, because the leads that you purchase are not fresh and have been probably sold to multiple customers, so when you approach them they are not interested. If you telephone them they can often be abusive.

The sad fact is that that the Internet is not rapid money making machine, it takes time sometimes months or even years to market your business.

A better way is to created a lead capture page, to capture their email and telephone number so you can start communicating with your lead by email and/or phone and building some form of relationship with them, soft selling, find out what their needs are. Just pointing them to an affiliate site rarely works.

A common mistake is to keep sending out the same message if you do you will find that either they unsubscribe or block your emails. I have some subscribers who I em ailed for over a year until they took the plunge when the time way right for them.

You can use an autoresponder to market your business and send out emails space the first few a day or two apart then then extend the gap to weeks or months that way it will not seem you are bugging them.

If you do not know how to build a lead capture page, I can teach you or you can subscribe to a Gold Veretekk which has some pre-built portals which will capture fresh leads for you.

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