Thursday, October 13, 2011

Healthy Weight Loss - Obesity

Healthy Weight Loss
Obesity news

Over one third of American adults are Obese according to the centres for Disease control and Prevention and this is backed up by a recent report from the Trust for Americas Health and the Robert Wood foundation, which found that Obesity increased in 16 states over the past year and not one state showed a decline.

Obesity is a worldwide problem and over the past 30 years the percentage of obese men has doubled to 10% and for women has now reached 14% of the population.

What is perhaps more worrying is fact that just an extra serving of unhealthy fast food can represent an increase of just under one pound a year. So you need to think twice before asking for more.

Did you know that according to research carried out at Harvard, if you you have four obese friends, it doubles your chance of becoming obese, the exact cause is not known but a possible explanation could be that if a person is around others with unhealthy eating habits, they may pick up those same bad eating habits.

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