Sunday, November 06, 2011

Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business

Today Butch Hamilton Veretekk's Director of Marketing introduced, the correct use of titles when marketing your business online, during his weekly webinar.

Titles are a very important area for SEO and many people fail to use them correctly. A title needs to always include your keyword and not something like "Special Offer" so as you can see on this post the title is marketing your business.

Now if you have a Blog, it is not unusual for many of the posts the carry the same titles as the keywords you are chasing down and there is nothing wrong with this because the search engine spiders will use your title as they index your posts, so that eventually you will begin to dominate your chosen keyword or keyword phrase.

Titles form a part of the keyword flow of information that you present to search engine robots, starting with the title of the website or blog and flowing via the posts into the content itself which will add information about a particular keyword.

Links coming into your site also need to carry keyword titles which will add more authority to your site especially when they come from sites with low Alexa ranking about the subject of your keywords. Here again people reduce the effectiveness of their sites by linking from sites totally off subject. I will only link from a site where I have added substantial information, that a reader and more importantly a search engine robot can follow to gather more information.

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