Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marketing Your Business - Blastomatic

In this article, I would like to stress the idea of calling leads that fall within our lead capture pages within Veretekk. Maybe I should have titled this article Veretekk-When Leads Call Me! You see, I have the unique ability to put my information to the top of Google on literally any keyword or keyword phrase that I choose to be relevant to the business that I am promoting. This process is called search engine optimization. It is my stock and trade, and has been, for a few years.

I made a video titled -Blastomatic a few years ago. I did this expressly to provide my signups for my Blastomatic system to have the best information concerning the proper setup and use of the system. Understand that Blastomatic is a free ad submission program that is free, that anyone can use to push out their information to the tune of some 12 million locations with a few clicks of the mouse. However, Blastomatic is much more than that. Here are some interesting facts about Blastomatic.

1. Blastomatic is one of the most powerful lead generators that we have in Veretekk. It has been producing quality leads for many years. The site itself is very simple in nature, but the programming behind this program is immense, to say the least. In speaking with Tom Prendergast about Blastomatic, the back end of this site is incredible, and requires much time and maintenance to make sure that the site is always fully operational.

2. Blastomatic is an aged domain. What this means is that having the ability, like we do with a Gold Subscription, in creating subdomains like:, we have the power of subdomains to get top rankings on sites on Google. When one chooses to signup and use our free ad submission service, they become what we call a premium lead. This provides us with the ability to call the person, and develop some type of relationship. Quite often the person will want to signup for their own Veretekk system, and begin the learning process of SEO.

3. Blastomatic works in posting live content on Google. We use Blastomatic to put our links in front of readers at the tune of 12 million locations at the push of a button. While Blastomatic is a free service, it does provide those who are just learning how the Internet works, to post their information across the Internet in a simple and easy manner.

4. Blastomatic generates leads. If you sign in as a webmaster to your account, you can download some 56 thousand email leads at one time. These leads are ones that have come into our Veretekk system, and are fully opted in. They can be placed in autoresponder systems, and other information can be given to them.

The fact of the matter is, I could use just one part of Veretekk, called Blastomatic, to run an effective SEO campaign for any keyword I choose.

After posting the video on how to setup and use Blastomatic, I often receive phone calls from the people who were using the system, and were intrigued about the process. They will, or have already signed for the Veretekk system, and will upgrade to the Gold level. Who says making money on the Internet just cannot be done? Only people who have not fully tapped into the whole process that Veretekk can provide for them.

All the links in this article are safe to click and view, as I only use proven and positive methods of SEO as approved by Google Tools for Webmasters.

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