Sunday, December 18, 2011

Marketing Your Business - Helping Others

A Veretekk Gold subscription includes a 5-seat conference room. There is a good reason we gave you a 5-seat room instead of a 2-seat room. Groups learn better for one thing. It is easier and more manageable to teach and work with a small group. You can easily recruit 4 people into Veretekk Silver within a matter of a few days with a little effort.

Then you can work with those 4 people in your room, orientating them on how the room works, showing them where the video trainings are, showing them where the ebooks are and showing them where the Veretraining Calendar is and getting them into the trainings.

By building and developing your small group, they become very effective and orientated with using the Veretekk system, and can then help you get even more subscribers into your organization.

You often hear many people speak loudly that duplication is the key to building a solid network. There is some truth to that. But the real key is having a sponsor to guide you to a point that you can continue with confidence. This is what we are showing you.

As your four people venture out, they will often ask you for support. Just showing up in the room when they have others in there to confirm something, what you are really doing is showing the new recruits that they are getting into a group of people that care.

This process also works when you invite a prospect into your room and invite one or more of your team to join in to help illustrate and share with the new prospect. This does several things. It shows the new prospect that there is a team and he/she won't be alone, and it also begins the process of duplication. Hey, they see it working and you can bet they will do the same thing when they sign up and get started.

We call this the 4 x 4 recruiting/training model. It is already being done and it works. It may take a little longer than one wants, but this process and taking your time doing this builds a stronger organization; and stronger organizations stay motivated and continue to grow. When you build a business that is strong and grows slow and steady you will be that much more successful in the long run.

Remember Veretekk is with you every step of the way. Giving everyone a conference room is a smart thing to do. It makes the Internet a personal experience and puts personal interaction back in front instead of impersonal texting and emailing.

See you at a meeting online when you become a Gold Subscriber! Here is Your Webinar Invitation!

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