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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Business Planning

The first thing to remember is that earning money online is not easy and very few people actually earn their living online. you need to be prepared to do a lot of research and planning. If you have any passions, then explore those area's first, as you will be more likely to succeed if you have an in depth knowledge on what you are selling or writing about.

Once you have selected your area or niche you can get down to some in depth research using Google and Alexa to find out what people are searching for and what kind of traffic you can expect. You need to examine keywords that are popular and one of the tools you can use is the Google keyword tool, but remember that this is biased towards pay per click (PPC) advertising and if you are looking to dominate organic search results one tip I have ,is to avoid choosing any keyword phrase that does not have paid advertising on the right hand side, as you might dominate this keyword but get no traffic.

Your research may take weeks but it will form the bedrock of your business so don't be tempted to rush it. Once you have your keywords it time to set up a site and to be honest it is easier to use a blog rather than a traditional site as it is more dynamic which will result in better indexing. Remember when choosing a both a domain name and title think keywords. You also need to add relevant metatags for keywords,description,Google,Alexa, Bing etc. Once your site is live then you need to add keyword specific content on a daily basis and also start building backlinks by posting to classified ad sites and build standalone webpages.

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