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Veretekk Asia University

The University of Veretekk:

Teaching and training is Job One at Veretekk. We know everyone learns differently and we are dedicated to make learning work according to your needs. We listen to our subscribers and you can see the results of that.

Social Networking, Internet Marketing, Digital content development (Flash, Power Point, HTML, audio and video creation), copy writing, domain development and hosting are challenging but necessary to succeed on the Internet.

Veretekk Services and Systems include lead development, email autoresponders, traffic portals, profit portals, self-replicating eBooks, online conference rooms, lead database uploading and processing, Cpanel domain hosting, web page hosting, portal configuration, access to the live web-based conference rooms, and utilizing Skype for support and training.

At Veretekk we have three unique training systems available. Videos, eBooks and live web training.

PDF based eBooks:

You can find training and educational articles within our eBooks found in the Resources section in your Veretekk back office.

Flash Based Videos:

Every section and system in Veretekk has an in-depth Flash-based video that explains, demonstrates and orientates folks about exactly how that particular system works in a clear, solid, detailed narrative and hands on recording by the chief architect and CEO of Veretekk, Thomas Prendergast.

Not only will you learn all the different functions of the Veretekk system from the owners of Veretekk, but Thomas Prendergast has also created a large section of videos in the VereTraining Training Modules.

The Training Modules cover learning keywords, domain hosting, using FTP and WinZip, how to install and setup your own Wordpress blogs and advanced PHPBBB forums, how to make Flash training videos, learning basic and advanced HTML and a lot more.

This is included in your Veretekk Gold system. To just purchase similar educational videos like this elsewhere will cost you as much as $300- $500.

Live Conference Web-Based Seminars:
Veretekk has over 100 seasoned professional Veretekk veterans that offer training that covers every possible aspect of using Veretekk and teaching the skills required to succeed on the Internet. These trainers teach HTML, Power Point development, copy writing, telemarketing skills, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Networking skills, and much more than there is space to list here.

The VereTrainers also teach, walk through and orientate on every system within Veretekk, for example the leads upload system, the autoresponder system, the newsletter publishing system, the traffic portal configuration system, the web-based seminar system, domain hosting, and all the other Veretekk systems large and small. The trainers, including the CEO cover everything so your education is a real University level delivering a solid education direct to you.

Public Presentations:
Your Veretekk affiliate front page is a Social Marketing masterpiece. One of the many assets of your front page is the V2 public open house conference. These open house conferences are conducted by our top Veretekk trainers, producing educational based presentations that are generic in nature and cover real Internet based subjects.

Subjects include "The history of autoresponders, how they work and their future on the Internet", "Search Engine Optimisation, what Google likes and doesn't like", "Setting up blogs and managing them for multiple customers". These presentations are geared to accelerate your marketing and traffic, driving business to your V2 sites easy. Our public presentations have a 3-step process that ends with your guests becoming Gold subscribers joining Veretekk under you.

Every week we send you via email and our blog the content and descriptions of the up and coming presentations so that you can promote them to your sphere of influence. It could not get any easier than this to build your business.

The Veretekk State of the Week Conference:

Every week Thomas Prendergast, the CEO and Mike Darling, the President host the meeting to inform the subscribers and outside visitors about the issues of the week, the goals of the following weeks and the milestones that have been reached. Often well illustrated, some times with great surprises, mixed with anecdotes and testimonials and wrapped together with prayers and thanks to the Lord.

These meetings are often very uplifting with many guest speakers and always focused on mentoring and inspiring everyone who attends.

Welcome to the Veretekk University Alumni.

Good Morning from David Ogden - Veretekk Trainer

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