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Advertising Your Business

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Marketing Your Business

David Ogilvy is often know as the father of advertising, one of his first forays into advertising was to use postcards for direct selling and later on he became the genius behind the Dove advertising slogan

"Only Dove is one-quarter moisturizing cream".

He has written a book "Ogilvy on Advertising" which is a general commentary on advertising . In early 2004, Adweek magazine asked people in the business "Which individuals - alive or dead - made you consider pursuing a career in advertising?" and Ogilvy topped the list. His best-selling book Confessions of an Advertising Man is one of the most popular and famous books on advertising.

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Ogilvy's advertising mantra followed these four basic principles,

  • Research: coming, as he did, from a background in research, he never underestimated its importance in advertising. In fact, in 1952, when he opened his own agency, he billed himself as research director.
  • Professional discipline: "I prefer the discipline of knowledge to the anarchy of ignorance." He codified knowledge into slide and film presentations he called Magic Lanterns. He also instituted several training programs for young advertising professionals.
  • Creative brilliance: had a strong emphasis on the "BIG IDEA."
  • Results for clients: "In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create."

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