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Advertising Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Internet Advertising Control

Generally speaking there has been little of no control of Internet adverting content, however thus is beginning to change, already in the USA legal requirements are being brought into play and it is illegal to make false or misleading claims in advertising. Online there are specific types of advertising considered misleading and may be illegal or strictly regulated.

Product reviews and endorsements are one area of online advertising recently (as of 2010) regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Websites, blogs and advertisers are not allowed to create fake review pages for products and are not allowed to endorse products when compensation is a factor without providing full disclosure of the compensation, including getting products at no cost for review purposes.

The above has resulted in many so called Independent Distributor sites coming under scrutiny and having to either comply with the new requirements or loose their distributorship.

Control outside the USA is at the moment more lax and generally freedom of speech prevails except with the likes of China, India and some other countries who practice or tend to practice some form of censorship, mainly connect in India's case with the widespread use of mobile phones, with Internet capability.

Mobile advertising is a new area and savvy companies now need to consider how their articles display on smaller portable devices

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