Sunday, March 18, 2012

Advertising Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Advertising your business

Advertising play a very important part in marketing your business, but one needs to keep updated with the latest trends and techniques, for instance there was a time that when you included a coupon in an advert it was placed at the top of the copy in the centre, yes a great headline however now your coupon is best placed at the bottom right hand corner where it can be easily clipped off and used, leaving the rest of the copy intact.

Adverts placed in corner shops or supermarkets can take this a step further with having tear off strips a the bottom of every advert, so many people can take advantage of the offer.

When advertising online it is important to provide facts and information about your products or services. One advantage of online advertising is you can use racking codes to see how many time the advert is opened and correlate that with actual sales. You can also use pay per click advertising.

You may prepare email advertising campaigns running over weeks and months providing your subscribers with information about your products and services but take great care with the content, no one like to receive the same old sad advert containing information sent to them in the previous mail. they need something new and informative.

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