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Advertsing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Phone Contact

The phone is a very important marketing tool which is often abused by the use of automated diallers and the like. Far too many people use it to sell their products and services by using canned messages or advertising scripts. The most successful marketers are those that listen to their prospects or potential customers.

Now I used to actually hate telephoning people but it is essential to keep in contact with prospects and customers as you never know if email campaigns reach them or they turn them off. Many people use voicemail to monitor incoming calls, so you always need to be prepared to leave a message.

My own business involves assisting people to build successfully businesses with a selection of advertising tools, so yesterday I phoned a woman to find out what she was adverting but caught her just as she was going out so I called back today. I was somewhat taken a back when her opening words were "I am not interested" I was offering help and advise and she put the phone down.

Perhaps it was a bad hair day or some telephone marketer had been bugging her, but she was advertising something, I might have been a buyer, she may have lost a potential sale. For my part this is part of daily life some people you can help and some just do not listen. My golden rule is to listen first but in this case it did not work so instead I emailed her, but I doubt she will ever open the email.

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