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Marketing Your Business Tips

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Marketing Your Business
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I was speaking with someone today who over the past few years has purchased many programs and joined site with the idea of creating an income and like many others has become disillusioned. His Latest venture started in December and like many before him he has been suckered into purchasing something but does not know how it works.

He has purchased a website which advertises phones and accessories and has been looking at free ways to market the site, which is how I found him. He told me the usual tale of false promises and no support. I suggested that free advertising was not really the answer. The first thing he needed to do was to cleanup his website which is based on a wordpress blog and remove many of the 19 add ins which not only confuse him but are liabilities rather than assets.

During our conversation it became apparent that he was at a complete loss at what to do, so I spend about an hour showing him how to do some simple cleaning up and how to post new data to his blog and suggested that in addition to the automated posts coming into his blog, he needed to start writing in more depth about telecommunications to provide more unique substance to his website. I also suggested that he needed to learn about marketing and that for around $55 a month he could obtain a comprehensive marketing system and unlimited training and support, He needs to set that as a short term goal.

I suggested that that as he writes his blog posts he could convert into stand alone web pages which will help advertise his website in other areas. I will follow his website over the the next week and see how he is getting on.

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