Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marketing Your Business in the Philippines

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I have been looking for some time for a forum in the Philippines to build business contacts and gather information and came across

Alexa ranking116,472 ,and I thought great ranking site, a good place to hang out and share my experience. The only problem and it effects many forums is that people do not read or fail to understand the forum rules, and post a whole lot of rubbish.

A forum is generally a place for discussion not for advertising your business, except in places set aside for such activity

I have drawn the moderators attention to a couple of issues and hopefully some of the posts will be removed, which will greatly improve the forum.

One of the problems in the Philippines at least where I live in the south is lack of money, temporary office workers for local government receive around 5,000 peso a month and may spend 2,000 on accommodation which does not leave much to live, let alone to put some aside to start a business, so it is no wonder they bite at anything that is free. My own business services cost the equivalent of 2,300 peso a month and are aimed at small business owners or even people providing virtual office services, which is actually something that many people in the Philippines provide.

Till the next time David Ogden

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