Monday, May 21, 2012

Keywords for marketing your business

I have noticed that many people sign up for veretekk and then seem to do nothing, expecting things to happen automatically. Yes the system is a great inter grated marketing machine but you need to learn both how to set it up and how to use it, just logging in on a daily basis will not bring success.


One of the first things you need to understand is the importance of keywords, so what is a Keyword. A keyword is a word or phrase that someone  types into a search engine query box to find what they are looking for. Now your job is to find keywords that best describe the business or service that you are offering. Popular keywords such as "marketing" show in a lot of search results and competition can be high, so you  need use tools such as  Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Now you need to bear in mind that this tools is designed to help pay per click advertisers choice which keyword they wish to bid on but we can also use it for our research, together with entering keyword in both Google and Alexa search boxes to see the results. Generally speaking if you see no paid adverts for a particular keyword it is not a good one but there are some exceptions for instant in names of People, or search which include a location name.

When starting out you may research about half a dozen keywords about your business and these will become the main keywords that you will write about and promote to build backlinks to your business. follow this link to watch my keyword video for more information.

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