Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Marketing Your Business in the Philippines

Life in the Philippines
Internet marketing in the Philippines

Like many Asian countries the Philippines has many budding entrepreneurs, who struggle to start online businesses due to lack of money. Low end affiliate programs with an out lay of $5-10 per month is a favourite, however this type of program rarely provides help on how you should market apart from approaching friends and family, which is certainly not the surefire way to success.

So where can you learn to market and promote your business. Well marketing not only entails learning but also requires tools and additional outlays for purchasing sites and blogs, business leads, autoresponders for sending messages, conference rooms etc The costs will soon mount up so you should be prepared to spend another $30-60 per month which puts it out of reach of the average wage earner in the Philippines.

Is there a solution, yes I think there is, I have an introduction package to an online community and worldwide hub of professional marketers! which costs nothing to join.

You will be able to develop your own webpage profile complete with a blog and videos which you can use to both promote your business and communicate with like minded people and at the same time learn the tricks of the trade to successfully get started with advertising your business.

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